• Automatic Reference Counting with `self`

    Recently, when working on Jared, I ran into an interesting memory leak. Jared is written nearly entirely in Swift, which uses ARC for memory allocation. As advertised, it usually “just works”. However in this case some of my callback code had unintended side effects.

  • Now that's what I call music album art except badly edited to say now that's what I call the best stuff of the decade instead

    Best of the decade

    This is the stuff that I enjoyed the most since 2010.

  • homekit blinds UI

    Homekit Servo Blinds

    I have little experience with hardware, but had a goal that I wanted to retrofit my completely manually operated blinds so that I could control them via HomeKit. This post is about how I accomplished exactly that! The final solution is controllable down to a percentage via siri and the home app.

  • How to run homebridge in the background

    A no BS guide to running homebridge in the background on a unix system (requires systemd). Works 70% of the time every time.

  • iMessage icon with robot emoji

    The Making of Jared

    I’ve realized that I’ve never written about my side project Jared here, and its background, so I figured now is a good time.

  • A Blog Post

    It’s been 364 days since my last post, so I’m getting right in under that 1 year mark so that I can still declare that my blog is regularly updated. Here are some boring random tidbits that somehow constitute a blog post.

  • Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams image

    Coldplay Favorites

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot since their amazing Seattle show, so I made a playlist of my favorite Coldplay songs.

  • Gold iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

    My Favorite iOS Apps

    Here’s my highly anticipated list of favorite iOS apps. A follow up to my favorite Mac apps.

  • macOS High Sierra desktop

    My Favorite Mac Apps

    Here’s a list of my favorite (third party) Mac apps.

  • Jekyll homepage

    Blogging in 2017

    I’ve always enjoyed blogging, but have been very lazy recently about getting around to it. And part of that is because I haven’t really had a good home for all my content. I’ve been using Medium because it’s easy and fast. The design is pretty good and has suited my needs. But I really want a place that’s my very own on the WWW. One that’s not owned by any corporation, that I have (almost) complete control over.

  • Spinning vinyl record gif

    Why I Like Vinyl

    Recently I, a 20 year old, have taken a liking to vinyl records. And not because it’s an old medium and I want to be a hipster. I am not “nostalgic” about CDs, casset tapes, or other antiquated mediums. There are solid reasons for why I specifically like this antiquated medium.

  • Ecobee thermostat

    Using an Ecobee Thermostat with a Millivolt Heating System

    We’ve always been using an old simple thermostat for use with the house’s stove which uses a millivolt connection. This is the only heating appliance in the house, and there’s no AC (perks of living in Washington). But recently, I decided that it was time to upgrade to a smart thermostat.

  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva X box art

    Project Diva X Review

    For those new to the series, X is the third project diva game on the Playstation Vita. The two others are f and F2nd, which are the same game for the most part with different song lists and minor changes. The basic gameplay is a rhythm game based around the playstation shape buttons, hitting the right notes in time with the music. You can watch a few gameplay videos or try to the demo to find out if it clicks for you or not pretty quickly.

  • WWDC submission thank you image

    Applying to the WWDC scholarship

    I submitted my application to Apple’s WWDC 2016 student scholarship 2 days ago. It seems like every year I really want to do this, but this year I finally did. It feels like a great accomplishment, even if I don’t win. I’ve been learning Swift ever since The Swift Programming Language book dropped at WWDC 2014, but I’ve always struggled with Cocoa frameworks because there’s just so much there to learn.