Chronolyzer running on a Macbook Air

Chronolyzer is a timestamp utility for macOS. It allows you easily convert between different timestamp formats, and customize the display to your use case.


  • Easily convert between different date formats
  • Auto-detect the format of imported timestamps
  • Quickly copy formatted timestamps to the clipboard
  • Add custom date format configurations
  • Configure different timezones
  • Immediately set the timestamp to the current time, or auto update once per second
  • VoiceOver fully supported

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Requires macOS 11 or later. Supports Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.


Setting to current time

To update to the current time, click the clock icon in the top right, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ R.

To have the timestamp automatically update once per second to the current timestamp, use the Auto Update toggle at the bottom of the page.

Importing a Timestamp

To import a timestamp, click the import button in the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ I.

From the import view, you can paste your timestamp, and choose the desired format.

  • Auto

This option will attempt to automatically detect the format of your timestamp, based on a set of presets. It will display the matched format below the input box. If it does not match correctly, you will need to select another option from the dropdown.

  • Date Picker

This option allows you to the use the system’s datepicker to input a date. You may also select the timezone of the date. It defaults to your mac’s local timezone.

  • Seconds / Milliseconds / Microseconds

This option allows you to enter an integer of epoch time.

  • Date Format / Custom

There are a number of preset date formats you can choose from. Additionally, if you choose custom, you may enter your own format. For more info, see “Custom Date Formats” below.


In Chronolyzer preferences, you can add or remove Date Formats used in the main window, and manage other settings. To access the preferences pane, use ⌘ ,, or navigate to Chronolyzer -> Preferences in the Menu Bar.

Adding date formats

To add new date formats, use the Add New button. Currently, the following options are supported:

  • Date Picker

macOS’s provided date display, with an added seconds field. You may also specify a timezone, or it will default to the local timezone.

  • Epoch Time

Displays time in Unix epoch time, the duration since 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970. This view allows you to switch to displaying the time in Seconds, Milliseconds, or Microseconds.

  • Formatted String

Displays time using the specified NSDateFormatter string. You may also specify a timezone, or it will default to the local timezone

Removing date formats

To remove formats, right click the desired row in the table, then click Delete from the context menu.

Other settings

  • Automatically paste when importing

If enabled, the text field in the import view will be pre-filled with your clipboard’s contents when opened.

Custom Date Formats

The date format used by all custom fields is NSDateFormatter. For a useful guide to the syntax, see


Chronolyzer is a free app that is provided without any warranty. That said, if you run into issues or have feature suggestions, please let me know.


No information is collected from Chronolyzer. The app only handles timestamps, and no data leaves your device. Your clipboard can be used to enable app features, if desired.