It’s been 364 days since my last post, so I’m getting right in under that 1 year mark so that I can still declare that my blog is regularly updated. Here are some boring random tidbits that somehow constitute a blog post.

Also, I am hereby committing to posting a technical blog post about the status of Jared within the next week!!

  • Once you start using a clipboard manager on your computer and adapt your work-flow around it, you can never go back.

  • You can un-subscribe from junk mail by paying $2 for a 10 year membership at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). You can also un-subcribe from credit card offers in the mail. (More info from the FTC here).

  • If you live in California it’s worth investing in some N95 masks.

  • If you post really long ridiculous captions on Instagram of a product and tag it with #ad, everyone will believe you’ve been sponsored by Coke (even though you have like 50 followers) and ask you about it the next time they see you.

  • I’ll soon (maybe) finally get CarPlay in my car. This will be a truly incredible day 2 years in the making. I don’t even know what else in life I’m waiting for at that point.

  • I’ve been made aware that a HomeKit supported essential oil diffuser is available, and this is so ridiculous that I might just need to own one.

  • There are many trade offs to using Sublime vs a full featured IDE and I don’t think I’ll ever be fully happy with either.

  • Dark Mode on Mojave is nice.

  • Not having to use Windows ever ever is a great blessing that I will never take for granted. Not having to use Windows APIs is an even bigger blessing.

  • 👏👏 House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi 👏👏